Welcome Home

What to Expect

We get it; churches can be weird and about as friendly as an early February morning. From the parking lot, to your seat in our theatre, we are here to help you navigate your spiritual journey at your own pace. We even have a perfect place for your kids!

There are no perfect people here. In fact, we design our time for people with tough questions, and for those who are looking for people to join them in the midst of their journey. We invite you to take a few moments to check out this video for more info about what you can expect at City Church.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Meet?

We are happy to offer two identical Sunday services: 10:00am or 11:30am.
We meet inside the theatre at Collège Notre-Dame. Our Sundays are 60-70 minutes long and feature a live band, relevant teaching from The Bible, and very friendly people to welcome you.

How Do I Get There?

CARS: We have plenty of parking in the rear of our school building! Please follow the directions of our signage and our friendly parkers.

METRO: Station Cote-des-Neiges is the closest, served by the Blue line. Station Snowdon is next closest, served by the Orange and Blue line.

BUS: #51, #165 and #166 will drop you off across the street from the school where we meet.

How Do I Dress?

Please dress comfortably. You will find some people in jeans, and others who prefer to take it up a notch. Our only rule is no Leafs jerseys.

Do You Have Anything for Kids?

Mais, oui! In fact, our kids experience is designed to give your child the best hour of their week. We have a special space with trained leaders for kids 1-12. Learn more about CITY Kids here. For teens, check out M514 under our groups tab.