I Want To Help

Thank you for your desire to be part of the solution!

You may question your ability to help in such a hopeless time, but we love that you are willing to offer what you do have.

During this pandemic, we are offering specific ways to mobilize people together to serve our city.

1) If you would like to be part of our prayer team, send a message here to support thousands of people in our city in crisis. 

2) We are partnering local restaurants with nurses, doctors and medical teams on the front lines. To nominate a nurse, doctor, or medical personnel, send us a message with the form below. We will be purchasing delicious meals that will be delivered to local hospitals. In this way, we are helping struggling small businesses as well as front line workers.

3) Every financial contribution helps. You can add the note “Medical” to your gift if you want to designate your financial gift.

4) If you have any other ways you would like to suggest help, send us a message below.