About City Church

Who Are We?

City Church is a new Christian church that meets in the heart of Montréal, Québec to Share Life and Shine Light. We believe the richest life is found through growing relationships that will not only strengthen us, but will allow us to join together to make our city even brighter.

Founded on September 15, 2013, City Church is already rich in passion, diversity, and transformational life stories. We are grateful to have earned a reputation as a generous neighbour within the schools and people we are serving throughout our city.

Although we are a modern church that strategically leverages the use of media and the arts, we are also deeply rooted. Our bedrock of faith is the eyewitnesses of Jesus’ resurrection who penned the New Testament, and also affirmed the Hebrew Scriptures. We also follow the creeds of the early church leaders. Finally, we are anchored in relationships with leaders and churches across Canada, the United States, and the world. For more information about these relationships, click here.

In these early days we have so much to celebrate, but we know that the very best for us, and for Montréal is still to come. Your place is waiting to take your life – and our city to the next level.

With gratitude and great expectation,
Pastor Chris and Yanci

Meet The McGregors

Chris and Yanci are the definition of the saying, opposites attract.
While Chris grew up in Canada’s capital city, Yanci grew up in Childress, a rural ranching town in West Texas with 6,000 people. Chris was a member of two Canadian world championship track teams, while Yanci sang at Dallas Cowboys games, and was the 4th runner up to Miss America while representing Texas.
Although they are very different in many ways, they are united around their love for people, and their passion to bring people together for a movement that changes families, neighbourhoods, and cities…one life at a time.
They met at Dallas Theological Seminary where they both obtained their Master’s Degrees after transitioning from working in the business world after university. The McGregors have been married since 2002 and have two boys: Sterling (12) and Kingston (10) who love hockey, baseball, and creating lots of havoc.

Where Are We Going?

Our dream is to lead a movement of people that profoundly impacts individual lives who will use their story, their craft, and their passion to see our city flourish.

As we continue to do life together for the good of our city, we will raise up leaders who will open new locations—and even new cities in Canada—to impact new neighbours.

We know a website isn’t going to change your life, or answer all your questions. We warmly invite you to simply Come and See us for yourself so you too can experience how a man named Jesus can transform your life—and the lives of those around you.

Our Values

Our greatest passion is to help introduce people to the beauty of Jesus, and to help people passionately follow Jesus. No one has changed history more, yet is more widely misrepresented. We invite you to Come and See how he continues to radically change the lives of people like you!
We will work together to share what we have for exponential impact. Everything we have belongs to God, and our resources will go much farther when we partner together.
We will bring our very best in everything we do. God gave us his very best when he sent Jesus as a gift for us. We honour a good God when we work our craft for the benefit of others.
We will demonstrate compassion for the hurting and love for our city. Our God is full of mercy and kindness and his eyes are always fixed on us. We are the hands, the feet, and the smile of Jesus.
Next Generation
We are passionate about partnering with families to train the next generation to be leaders who will change the world. Jesus was the first to truly champion children as equals, and we are honoured to carry on his legacy by empowering kids with wisdom, hope, and the love of their Creator.